On the 15th of August 2011 Yonder Hill had the priveledge to host the “Stellenbosch Fynproewers Gilde”. This was a great opportunity for Olyfberg Olive Farm to introduce their olive products to the members of the Gilde. This night will go down in the record books as the first official Olyberg Olive oil tasting at Yonder Hill. It was a night full of excitement and indulgence to be enjoyed by everybody present!

Olyfberg, like Yonder Hill is owned by the Naude family. It seem as if producing quality products run deep in their veins. These two quality driven producers obviously works hand in hand together to form a powerful team when it come to stimulating the palette. Olyfberg farm is in Elandia, between Worcester and Robertson, and has more than 35 000 olive trees. It is becoming one of the top producers of olive products in the country.

Wilna, manager of marketing and sales at Olyfberg, presented the tasting for over 50 guests. Each of these guests had 5 glasses of oil to taste. The glasses were placed on a piece of paper, and each variety was indicated. The 5 main olive oil varieties produced at Olyberg were tasted. They were Mission, Frontoia, Manzanilla, Coratina and Leccino. Wilna also indicated how the varieties were blended to give the final product. She explained the technical points of cold pressing and terms like: “virgin olive oil”. The feed-back was positive all over and Olyfberg certainly managed to introduce a new understanding of this fairly new industry.

After the tasting was conducted, the guests were treated to whole range of different soups, with bread to die for. And of course, they were also treated to the lovely wines from Yonder Hill to go with this lovely meal. Thank you for choosing Yonder Hill Wines and Olyfberg olive products.

Visit www.olyfberg.co.za for more information on products