Winemaker Abé Beukes shares the general feedback about the incredibly early 2015 harvest! He explains: “This was the earliest harvest of my winemaking career and in the last 57 years, according to the people with the white coats. At Yonder Hill we started on 30 January with Merlot, a full two weeks before the 2014 vintage. The wine industry is reporting a smaller crop, but thanks to our new plantings in 2010 we have a 3% bigger crop than last year.”

According to Abé the quality is excellent. “The grapes were healthy and the wines look promising with deep colour, good body and structure. The Y- Sauvignon blanc was selected from the Darling region and the 2015 will hit the market very soon. It shows typical flavours and a good balance of acid and alcohol. The 2014 red wines are reaching maturity in the barrels and will be botteled later this winter.”