Yonder Hill / Olyfberg

Yonder Hill is a wine producer, not an olive producer. But it shares the same owners as Olyfberg olive farm in the Breede River Valley and the Olyfberg olive products are available to taste and sample at Yonder Hill estate in Stellenbosch.

The olive tastings are done in the wine tasting area and consist of two olive oils, a balsamic vinegar, table olives (mission) and olive tapenade. Both oils are blends, but one of the oils is softer than the other, making it better suited for cooking as the flavours will not overwhelm the food.

The 1 litre and 2 litre bag in a box packaging is an excellent storage medium for olive oil as it protects the oil from light and oxygen. This can extend the shelf life of the oil significantly. Additionally it travels very well, making it perfect for overseas visitors.

Olyfberg also produces, and sells, a wide range of cosmetics made from olive oil. The range includes olive oil soap, olive body butter and face cream.

DAx Villanueva is a freelance writer and zealous olive-head. He expends much of his energy trying to educate South Africans about their beautiful local olive oil. Learn more about the SA olive industry at www.olive-central.co.za and keep up to date by following Olive Central on Facebook and Twitter.

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