Abe shares some of his thoughts about the vintage. “2016 will be remembered as a very difficult year which was a test of the abilities of winemakers and viticulturists. In general it was a dry year with the lowest annual rain fall in more than a century. The harvest was therefore up to 40% smaller in certain areas and the chemical make-up of the grapes was quite abnormal with low acids and high pH’s.”

However, in spite of the challenges elsewhere, at Yonder Hill the harvest went reasonably well, and the young vineyards performed optimally which led to the farm harvesting the same volume as in the past. The quality is high at the moment, but watch this space for more feedback as the wines age.

Abe continues with some comments about the wines currently in the cellar. “The 2014 wines are starting to look well in the bottle with good fruit and elegance. The 2015 wines are in barrel and are starting to show their characteristics. I feel that this will be a vintage to invest in for the future. The wines are dark and complex with excellent concentration and mouth feel, “he says.